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Negombo is a vibrant fishing town with a fascinating colonial past. British, Dutch, and Portuguese all fought over this town as it was a lucrative source of cinnamon, what was a highly sought after product in the spice trade. The cinnamon impacted the economic future of this town, but a stronger influence came from the colonizer’s historic Catholic church. Catholicism had such a strong influence on the society that it became known as “Little Rome’.

Today, Negombo offers its very own blend of culture and religions. Colonial-style architecture remains in many of the buildings in Negombo, like the church, but local traditions have outlived the colonizers. The lagoon has abundant with marine life, and fishermen have been harvesting lobsters, crabs, and prawns here for centuries.

Negombo is an ideal place to start your trip from - to find your Sri Lankan feet and relax. Take a stroll along the beaches, canals and lagoons, and stop by the lively fish markets. Or travel deeper in the suburbs and experience the typical Sri Lankan village life.


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