Journeys in Sri Lanka…where limits are stretched and bonds are forged

Are you facing difficult decisions? Unsure of the path ahead? Navigating through increasing demands in business and public service requires a certain explorer mind-set, a willingness to take risks and rely on your team. Sometimes thinking is not enough; you need to learn how to listen to your inner truth and to trust your intuition.

Eco Team Expeditions are insightful land, air and water-based journeys for extra capacity and team cohesion. Explore more and find out!

Outcomes and benefits of an excursion with Eco Team Expeditions for you and your team:

  • Develop an awareness of strengths and limitations (no need of full stops for bullet points)
  • Enhance the capacity for problem-solving and taking initiative
  • Increased collaboration, trust and team unity
  • Ability to strategize together and execute a shared plan
  • Get in touch with your inner intuition
  • Learn from spending time with Nature

Co-Design Your Experience!

Co-Design Your Experience!

Hiking and Trekking Expeditions:

  • Rainforest: Team up and explore the entire Sinharaja rainforest
  • Over the Hills: Trek through the hill country and discover its magic
  • Peak Performance: Conquer the highest peaks of Sri Lanka.
  • Holy Mountain: Climb to the top of Adam's Peak and discover your spiritual side
  • Holy Mountain+: An extended version of the above expedition

Canoeing Expeditions:

  • Short River: Ideal first water-based expedition on the Kalu Ganga (Black River)
  • Long River: A journey of bonding on Mahaweli Ganga

Special Expeditions:

  • Bikers: A motorcycle expedition around the island, a trip full of freedom and the wind in your face
  • Cross-Country Cycling: Cycle all the way from Colombo to Arugam Bay, taking in the sights and sounds of the landscape
  • Stroll, Surf & Safari: An adventure-packed journey exploring the South-eastern region of Sri Lanka
  • Jungle Survivor: The team that sticks together, triumphs together! Go ahead and take on this ultimate challenge!

Make the Choice

  • You get decide and choose the challenge level of your team
  • You will be guided by an experienced Expedition Leader and trained support staff.
  • Each expedition includes professional briefing at the beginning, guidance during the experience and debriefing afterwards
  • The duration of all expeditions stated include travel time to and from the location
  • For a longer itinerary, you might want to mix and match more than one expedition!


slide3A 3-day trek in one of the most unique world heritage sites: the Sinharaja Rainforest. There will be a few challenges, but this expedition is achievable for anyone. You get to be one of the very few people who do the entire trekking trail from west to east.


You will experience breath-taking biodiversity and spend your nights in forest lodges in the wild that each have special characteristics of their own. This is much more than a mere walk in the forest. Our facilitators guide you and your team for an internal voyage of exploration. What are the natural riches you can find within? How might your team learn from nature? There is so much to discover!


Over the Hills

slide10This is a 3-day expedition in the mild climate and magical realm of the Hill Country. You arrive at Belihuloya Adventure Centre to get prepared. Early next morning, you climb to Horton Plains, stopping at the Bambarakanda Falls - the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. You will also experience Satan's Steps, so named because of the devilish nature of its hairpin bends and steep climb.


Relying on your team and your inner strength, you overcome challenges and reach the national park in the highlands of Sri Lanka. You choose where to stay for the night. There are humble accommodation options available in Horton Plains or, alternatively, we can take you to Nuwara Eliya or back to Belihuloya for a nice relaxing night of interpersonal reflection.

Peak Performance

slide20A 3-day expedition to climb Kirigalpotta, the highest accessible peak in Sri Lanka. Rising to 2,388 metres above sea level, this makes the Ella rock pale in comparison. You will trek through open fields and thick forests, take on rocky steps and ascend steep climbs that will make your whole team huff and puff. But the fantastic view from the summit is guaranteed to take your breath away and you and your team will learn that sometimes, there’s more to be gained from the journey, not the destination.


For groups of 8-10 people, we can organize an unmatched high altitude camping experience in Horton Plains. Larger groups may stay in the picturesque town of Nuwara Eliya. To extend the voyage to four days, we can also climb Thotupola Kanda, sometimes referred as the Thotupola Peak or Thotupola Mountain, which is the third highest mountain in Sri Lanka.

Holy Mountain

slide22Experience a 3-day expedition to the less trodden paths of Adam’s Peak. The 12 kilometre long Kuruwita Erathna Trail that we take is far more challenging than the usual touristy path. Get ready for some rocks and boulders, as well as streams and paths, through the forest. You will be entirely away from civilization and will need to rely on your team to reach the peak.


Once you get to the top - unless it’s cloudy - you get to witness a rare phenomenon: a perfect triangle that sunrise forms in the valley and a true miracle of nature. After you’ve experienced one of the most breath-taking sunsets you will ever see, we descend the 5, 500 steps. Should your organization wish to take part in preserving this precious environment for future generations, we can also arrange the expedition as a CSR activity.

Holy Mountain+


This 5-day trekking challenge from Kalthota (350 m above sea level) to Adam’s Peak (an altitude of 2,200 metres), is for teams who truly wish to get to know each other deeply. As your team ascends higher and higher, you sense the uplifting of the spirits of your team. This endurance-testing expedition gets you to new heights, literally and also on a personal level.


Every morning we take you to a new starting location and ensure that each day is filled with thrills: you will pass riverine forests, stunning waterfalls, the magically misty Horton Plains National Park and vast tea plantations. You get to experience a variety of campsites, such as at a real temple, next to a water reservoir, in a cosy lodge in the forest, and at the foothills of Adam’s Peak.

Short River

slide6A 2-3 day expedition on the Kalu Ganga (Black River) is ideal for your first water-based team bonding experience. Lasting memories are guaranteed!


The Black River expedition gives you some of the most rare and rewarding experiences of Sri Lanka. You get to witness the untouched scenic beauty of the country, encounter locals who live in the riverine villages and learn their way of life. We may even visit and be blessed in one of the most sacred shrines in the country, the Saman Devale.



Long River

slide31An exhilarating 2-5 day expedition on the longest river in Sri Lanka - the Mahaweli Ganga. You either make it or break it as a team. The bond that you will create is so strong that you will not think of your team mates as mere colleagues anymore: they become your life-long friends.


You are prepared for the journey and your gear is taken care off. However, it is up to you to decide where you want to camp along the way and then reach the designated point before nightfall. Risks are manageable, but that does not mean you should not be wary of crocodiles, wild elephants and other exciting adventures along the way.


Bikers Paradise

slide13Experience 5-7 glorious days of a motorcycle escapade around our Paradise Island. Compared to countries like India, Sri Lankan roads are fairly well-maintained. You get to ride classic Royal Enfield motorbikes through different climate zones every day.


You get to decide which roads to take, although we do give you tips on where to stop and plant a few memorable highlights along the way: cultural experiences, team challenges and interaction with locals. In case of emergencies, a back-up vehicle is at your disposal 24/7. The van takes your luggage from one accommodation to the next, leaving you to focus on the beautiful vistas, feel the wind in your face and the thrill of freedom. If you are an inexperienced biker, we recommend taking a week-long preparation course in advance.

Cross-Country Cycling

slide28A 5-day cycling expedition, coast-to-coast, for small teams of 8-15 people: we cycle from Colombo to Arugam Bay, the surfing heaven of the country, passing highlights such as the Udawalawe and Yala National Parks, as well as historical locations like the ancient temple of Buduruwagala. In case of emergencies, a back-up vehicle is at your disposal 24/7.


Unless you are an experienced cyclist, we recommend taking a week-long preparation course in advance. Should you require an even more challenging experience, why not learn surfing at the destination? Your body and mind will be put to a real test and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Stroll, Surf & Safari

slide16A 3-5 day expedition in the south-east, walking part of the Pāda Yātrā pilgrimage route. You start strolling from Arugam Bay, one of the Top 10 surfing spots in the world, and end the journey on an exciting safari in the lesser-known parts of the eastern side of Yala National Park.


This interesting combination of wave-riding, trekking and elephant spotting create a thrilling environment for getting to know yourself and your team better. Should your team require, for instance, surfing lessons or camping in the wild, we will arrange it for you. A variety of invigorating experiences are guaranteed!


Jungle Survivor

slide34A daring 2-3 day expedition in Belihuloya for groups of 8-25 people. How do you motivate each other and keep going? Who will emerge as leaders? How do you make decisions as a team? Will you survive the tough times together? Find out in the wild!


Upon arrival, you are taken through the activities and exercises that prepare you for what lies ahead. You get survival gear and a 1:50,000 scale map. You debate and choose as a team how much and what items to carry. The mission is to find your way to a prearranged point before the time runs out.


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