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Birding Tours in Sri Lanka
Go and discover all the endemic species around the island!

In Eco Team, we offer you carefully planned birding tours around Sri Lanka - including a great variety of habitats, altitudinal zones and local hideouts as possible. Each tour is led by a well-experienced and passionate birding guide, versed in finding and identifying resident and migratory species and ensuring the best possible birding experience.

These are not sign-up tours with specific dates, but private trips where you, or your own group, will be the only participants. We are be happy to customize your trip in any way you like and change the number of days and locations according your wishes and needs. Furthermore, we will provide you with a wide range of accommodation options from local guesthouses to eco-lodges and from safari campsites to boutique hotels.

For birds to survive, and for you to come and see them, someone needs to protect bird habitats and forests. There is no one else who could do it better than the communities who live right there, near the habitats. Eco Team is spearheading various conservation projects in association with the communities and part of your tour fee is diverted towards these projects.


Our Birding Tour Options   

1. Short Birding Tours in Sri Lanka

If you are in Sri Lanka just for few days or on a beach holiday, but still want to try your luck with the birds, our short birding tour option is the right solution. These excursions range from one day to 3 days and can be organized to rainforests, wetlands and dry zones, or to match your special interest like owls or bird photography.

For anyone who wants to see and do other things in Sri Lanka while discovering as the feathered ones as as possible our soft birding tours fit the bill. In addition to several bird watching locations, these itineraries cover a large spectrum of interests like culture, history and wildlife. For these tours, we can offer you a professional bird guide with  chauffeur, or a chauffeur-guide who has a fair knowledge in birding.

2. Hardcore / Professional Birding Tours in Sri Lanka

This option is for the real birders who are very serious in the count they get and have specific goals in terms of endemics. These round tours, led by expert birding guides are designed for nothing but to get the maximum count possible, including all Sri Lankan endemics.

We offer fully customized birding tours for small groups. Each morning, we will take an early start to make the most of our time in the field and to maximize our opportunities to see as many species of birds as possible. In the evening after the dinner, you’ll have a chance to go over the bird lists. Also, as an optional outing, we will go owling once in each location.

For these tours, we have carefully selected the best possible combination of birding locations ensuring the largest variety of species possible.

3. Exotic Bird / Nature / Wildlife Photography tours in Sri Lanka

Our slow-paced birding tours are designed to capture images of a broad diversity of tropical birds.

Usually, photographers wishing to photograph a broad spectrum of birds have to strike out on their own or join a birding tour where their needs might conflicts with the goals of serious birders. For this reason we've created birding-like tours that emphasize photography opportunities rather than species count, while still endeavouring to seek out many different kinds of birds.


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