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Our expeditions are curated to make sure exploration and travel to remote and exotic destinations is engaging and challenging whilst immersing one in cultural exchanges and most importantly creating a relationship with local nature and lifestyle. With the country’s massive contrasts, ranging from topographical to ecological and cultural diversity in its compact 65,610 square kilometers, it’s truly a ‘small miracle’ with endless nature, wildlife and adventure-ready to be explored. Sri Lanka is blessed with a range of natural resources including virgin rainforests, misty mountains, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, wetlands, national parks and sanctuaries, sandy beaches and coral reefs offering countless opportunities for adrenaline junkies many reasons and related activities which are all made possible in this little exotic island.

We have lined up a diverse expedition for adrenaline junkies that are blended with a variety of experiences that create moments of excitement and opportunities for celebrations to reach the status of self-achievement by successful completion of these expeditions.

Should you want to trek, cycle or even go on a river expedition; we extend all our capacities to ensure your desire is made into a reality. The wilderness of Sri Lanka welcomes explorers who love to find hidden treasures whilst experiencing the glamour of the local countryside. So come challenge your limits, conquer your expeditions and celebrate your achievements!


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