• Land Based Activities

Land Based Activities

With an ever-expanding network of roads and highways that wind through quickly varying terrain, from rolling hills to lush evergreen forests, seemingly endless paddy fields, vast national parks, ancient cities, and rural villages, Sri Lanka offers a plethora of opportunities to do land-based activities. A special highlight of the island is the central highlands, which put you in the midst of mountainous terrain, virgin rainforests filled with a cornucopia of rare birds and insects, misty emerald-green tea estates, and an eclectic range of towns and villages, each with its own character and history.

The mild temperatures of central Sri Lanka, in contrast to the sunny warmth of the coast have a cooling effect. Friendly villagers with welcoming smiles and scenes right out of a picture book will leave you wanting for more. This area is especially known for its trekking and mountain biking opportunities. With 26.5% of the country classified as protected land – a fact of which we are always proud – we are able to offer exceptional wildlife safari tours, birding trips, rainforest tours, etc. with special consideration towards their sustainability.

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