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Fascinating Journeys across Sri Lanka on the Viceroy Special Vintage Train


Train Holidays: The Viceroy Special - A Step Back Into the Golden Age of Travel

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you’ll know what we mean when we say that this train is Sri Lanka’s answer to the Hogwarts Express! This luxury vintage steam locomotive is the only one still in operation in the country. It is 75 years old and its passenger carriages are fitted with 19th century period fittings and include an elegantly furnished restaurant car with Edwardian ribbed fans and teak-trimmed wood panelling, two observation saloons and a well-complemented bar. The train acts as a heritage service, but a modern concession has been given in the form of overall air-conditioning. Enjoy the most picturesque sceneries on a luxurious and truly unique steam train that offers relaxing comfort and an authentic feel of the old days.  A Sri Lanka train tour on the Viceroy Special is truly a memorable experience.


Sri Lanka Train Tour: A Unique Way to Travel

This is one of the best methods of travel to experience Sri Lanka’s colourful history and finest landscapes, providing the experience of a bygone era and a chance to witness the breath-taking views of the Hill Country that you will never see from the road. The railway lines that stretch out across Sri Lanka’s highlands were originally built to transport coffee across the island’s most treacherous terrain. Following the birth of the tea cultivation in Sri Lanka, the railway system became intrinsically entwined with the tea industry, as it aided the transportation of both labour and produce across the mountainous regions. The railway system remains very much the same today with one main line running all the way from Colombo through to major destinations such as Kandy, Hatton, Nuwara Eliya, Ella and Badulla.

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