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Indigenous People Sri Lanka Community Experience

Located about 300 km from Colombo, Dambana Sri Lanka is a remote jungle village of indigenous people.  Since of late, the Veddah population is confined to a reserve in the district of Monaragala and consists of only about 350 families - a number significantly reduced from a once thriving community. The dominant culture has influenced their way of life, and they risk losing the traditions and what has been their livelihood for centuries. However, they remain determined that their heritage will continue into future generations.


Indigenous People Sri Lanka: Spend a Day with the Veddahs

A perfect place to observe the Veddahs is their last remaining village of Dambana Sri Lanka and organise a camp close to or within the reservation. The Veddahs will be more than glad to show you their ways of life; with an axe hanging from their shoulders and a bow slung behind them, gives you the impression nothing much has changed since the dawn of time for these proud warriors of the forest.

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