• Rain Forest Exploration Tours
    Trip Length : 3 Days
    Availability : Throughout the year

Summary of the programme

  • Day 1 – Arrival in Sinharaja and half day trek in the afternoon.

  • Day 2 – Half or full day trek in Sinharaja Rainforest.

  • Day 3 – Departure

TREKKING DISTANCE: Several options available

GRADING: From soft to moderate

Sinharaja rainforest consists of a series of continuous ridges, aligned approximately in an east-west direction and lies between the tributaries of the Kalu Ganga in the north and the Gin Ganga in the south. The forest lies within the transition zone of two important groups of rock types, the south/western group which consist of metasediments-charnockites and scapolite bearing calc granulites and the highland group comprising khondalites of metamorphosed sediments and charnockites.

The elevation of the Sinharaja reserve ranges from 200m to 1300m. It has a rolling terrain consisting of a series of ridges and valleys, which assumes an east-west trend in the northwestern part of the reserve. In other parts of the reserve, the ridges and valleys assume a north-west/south-east alignment. The peak of Hinipitigala is the tallest, rising up to about 1150m.Other important ridges in the reserve ranges between 550-800m in height NamelyMoulawella (760m), Kosgulana (797m), Sinharaja (742m), Kohilearambe (575m), Dotalugala (769m), and Tibbottagala (904m).

Adventure Trekking and Hiking Singharaja Rainforest Tour 3Days

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