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Architecture Tours

Embark on an architectural tour to discover the known as well as hidden gems of Sri Lanka. With ranging influences varying from the deeply rooted Buddhist beliefs since the religion was introduced to the island during the 3rd century BC one can see how it has impacted the styles on ancient palaces, cave temples, pagodas and image houses to the styles and techniques developed across Europe and Asia have made its mark on Sri Lankan architecture which can be seen in many colonial-era buildings, fortresses such as in Galle which is one of the best examples for colonial influence on local architecture to date. The biggest turnaround in Sri Lankan architecture was by Geoffrey Bawa, a strong believer in the contemporary style of architecture who was in addition the pioneer of the ‘Tropical Modernism’ a style that became an international sensation. The emerging Lotus Tower in Colombo is set to be the tallest building in South Asia which will make the nation proud. All our tours are enriched with the opportunity to explore the architectural glories that are spread around the country for you to discover with our guidance – sure to leave lasting memories for a lifetime!


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