• Angamedilla National Park

Angamedilla National Park

Angamedilla National Park is a relatively new national park in Sri Lanka and is situated 225 kilometres (140 miles) from Colombo, in Polonnaruwa. Originally, Angamedilla located within the Minneriya-Girithale Sanctuary – was declared a forest reserve on the12th of February 1988. Eventually, the region was designated as a National Park in June 2006.

This was done mainly to protect the Parakrama Samudraya (the Sea of Parakrama), a water reserve which benefits the flora and fauna of the area.

Built by King Parakrama Bahu in the 12th century, who focused a great deal on irrigation and agriculture during his kingship, the reservoir is just one of many that served to ensure that the country had sufficient rice harvests, making Sri Lanka at the time, “the Granary of the Orient”. In fact, minor archaeological remains of King Parakrama Bahu’s era can be found scattered throughout the Park.

Similarly, Angamedilla also secures the catchment areas of the Minneriya and Girithale irrigation tanks and the water sources in Sudu Kanda (White Hill) located on the southern border of the Park - for the benefit of wildlife and habitats of nearby forests. A picturesque mountain range stretches across the Park from Girithale to Minneriya, which receives more rainfall than the plains. Yet during the drought period the Park gets very dry. This mix of wet and dry climate means that the Park boasts of both wet zone and dry zone plants.

The vegetation of the park is predominantly dry evergreen forests. Diospyros Eebenum is one of the dominant plant species in the forest. Manilkara Hexandra (Palu), Cholorocylon Swetenia (Burutha), Vitex Pinnata (Milla), and Adina Cordifolia (Kolon) are common in natural vegetation.

 When it comes to wildlife: Sri Lankan Elephant, Sri Lankan Sambar Deer, Indian Muntjac, Sri Lankan Axis Deer, Water Buffalo, Wild Boar, and Peafowl are commonly sighted within the Park.  However, Sri Lanka Leopard, Sloth Bear, Grizzled Giant Squirrel aAnd Sri Lanka Junglefowl are not as easy to catch sight of The primate species Red Slender Loris, Tufted Gray Langur, and Purple-Faced Langur are also occasionally seen.


Detailed Safari Itinerary

Date 01 - Arrival in Angamedilla

Schedule (3 - 4 hours jeep safari)

·        Arrival in Angamedilla

·        Half Day Safari at Angamedilla National Park

·        Lunch at the hotel

·        Departure


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