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Agro Tourism in Sri Lanka
Discover the rural way of living in the Sri Lankan countryside  

Sri Lanka offers an exceptional destination for anyone interested in rural lifestyle and ancient traditions. In the villages, you will have a chance to learn about the complex paddy cultivation systems, developed over the course of 2500 years, and discover the huge ancient irrigation tanks as well as tea and rubber plantations.

We can provide you with a wide array of excursions - ranging from milking cattle on a dairy farm, having a go at plucking tea leaves using the traditional ‘bag-on-the-head' method, rubber tapping under expert guidance, or working in the many picturesque paddy fields of Sri Lanka!

festivals in Sri Lanka

Journeys to Sri Lanka’s rich and colourful traditions
Experience the true colors of Sri Lanka during the local festivals

Poya Days

Full Moon days (known as Poya days), are of religious significance to Buddhists and devoted to prayer and meditation. In keeping with its significance as a religious day abstinence is practiced. As such places selling liquor (including hotel bars) and Meat shops closed. Places of entertainment such as cinemas, discos and casinos are closed as well.

Sinhala and Tamil New Year

Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamil New Year, generally known as Aluth Avurudda, is celebrated  on the 13th and 14th of April. For the Sri Lankan, Aluth Avurudda marks the end of the harvest season, and also coincides with one of two instances when the sun is directly above Sri Lanka. Many of the traditions traditions and rituals portray the beliefs and thoughts of these people whose life is centred around agriculture.

Kandy Esala Perahera

The cracking of the whips, signaling - the same way they have done for centuries - the arrival of the Sri Lankan Perehera. The enchanting rhythmical throb of the drums accompanied by equally fascinating tunes flowing from the flutes will hold you spellbound.

The Kandy Perehera one of the most colourful, most enchanting and fascinating carnivals in Asia.  The hundreds of Copra Torches carried along the Perehera from beginning to the end will take you to a wonderland. And, in this wonderland you will witness thousands of participants - Flag Bearers, Drummers, numerous Dancers including hundreds of the famous Kandyan Dancers, Actors, Acrobats all performing to their best, Officials, Chiefs of various Devalas (Nilames) headed of course by the ‘Nilame' - the Guardian of the ‘Palace of the Tooth Relic' so on and so forth, all in their brilliantly colourful costumes.

The festivities take place on the streets of Kandy during 10 days, starting from an auspicious time prescribed by astrologues.

National Festival of Kites

The National Festivals of Kites is held annually to encourage the creativity of Sri Lankan children and adults. Every September, large crowds gather to admire the sky filled with kites made from colourful sarees and dried leaves.

Colombo Marathon

The inaugural marathon was held in 1998 in Galle. Since then, it has been held in Negombo, Kandy, Dambulla, and Colombo, gaining more popularity with each passing year.

Deepavali, Across India

Commonly known around the world as Diwali, or the lighting of the oil lamps signifies victory of good over the evil within every human being. In Chennai, India and in Sri Lanka, this festival is called Deepavali and considered as the most important festival in the Hindu, Sikh and Jain faiths.

Nature Wedding and Honeymoon Packages Sri Lanka

Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Packages
Celebrate the most important days of your life in truly unique way!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. Make it a truly memorable for both you and your guests by celebrating it in a unique location at the heart of Sri Lankan nature! Picture yourselves standing on a beautifully decorated platform suspended over the Belihul Oya river and making your vows with the crystal clear waters Bakers Falls flowing right beside you.

Or, how about an evening ceremony by the Thalakotewewa reservoir, with the famous Sigiriya Rock as a backdrop. The whole area will be illuminated with candles and oil lamps and a delicious buffet will be set under the shelter in the nearby forest. We will spice up your ceremony with a Sri Lankan touch - local dancers, drummers, costumes and cuisine. One of the local traditions is to cut a milk rice (‘kiri bath’) instead of a wedding cake.  

All the outdoor functions are subject to weather conditions, and alternative indoor arrangements will be available for any emergency.

Spend an exclusive honeymoon enjoying the most beautiful views of Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka has it all that you can wish from a unique honeymoon in natural surroundings. Gorgeous mountain sceneries, serene river gardens, secluded beaches, ancient traditions and exclusive nature retreats. Let it be any precious moment  - honeymoon, anniversary or birthday - that you want share with your loved one, we will make truly memorable!

For the newlyweds, we offer exclusive and fully customized honeymoons, and special discounts on honeymoon packages are available for those who opt for our Nature Wedding Packages.

Special Study tours  of Fauna and Flora Sri Lanka

In-depth study of Sri Lanka’s Flora and Fauna

Special tours for researchers and biologists interest in Sri Lanka’s rich biodiversity

Our team of nature experts will design a tailor-made tour that will take you to the best biodiversity hotspots of the island, and the professional guides will ensure that you can make the most of your trip.  

In terms of flora, Sri Lanka’s wet zones are home to spectacular variety of orchids, hardwood trees (including ebony, teak and silkwood), and plants used in Sri Lankan ayurvedic medicine, whereas the hill country boasts some of the most fascinating cloud and dwarf (pygmy) forests as well as extensive grassland areas (such as the famous Horton Plains National Park). Even the dry zone, though usually arid, can erupt with colour after a spell of rain.

Sri Lanka's fauna is equally diverse, with a total of 86 mammal species (including primates, predatory animals and ungulates), 83 species of snake, 54 species of fish and 5 endangered species of marine turtle.

Film and Photography Tours Sri Lanka

Photography & film location services
Capture the most magical sceneries and fascinating wildlife!

Choose to focus on long range scenic shots on the secluded beaches or in the scenic hill country; close ups of wildlife and birds in the National Parks or unique pictures of Sri Lankan traditions. With such a variety of locations on offer, Eco Team all you need - the knowledge, infrastructure and experience to provide you with a specialist photography or filming tour in Sri Lanka!

Let it be a wildlife photography tours shoot as a purely pleasurable activity or a serious assignment. Perhaps a documentary on indigenous people of Sri Lanka, a truly marvelous and exotic catalogue photo shoot, or even a complete blockbuster movie. Wherever you go, whatever your interest may be, you will be able to capture a true reflection of your talent and unforgettable time spent in Sri Lanka !

Eco Team works in partnership with the most professional film making companies in Sri Lanka offering a one stop shop for professional film crews and journalists coordinating their tours from beginning to the end.

We can offer you a great variety of filming and photography sets and locations depending on your wishes. Just name a place! If not, tell us the story or share your vivid imagination so that we could provide you the background to achieve your dream setting.



Eco Team Facilitates Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Colombo, Friday 15th September 2017: When it comes to adventure and survival in the wild, no one does it better than Bear Grylls. Amongst all of the adventure experiences that he has created for millions of fans over the world, is an episode of Running Wild that was actually filmed in Sri Lanka. Premier outdoor and eco-tourism solutions provider Eco Team was on hand to make sure the experience of Sri Lanka for the cast and crew was a truly extraordinary one.

Eco Team was the official logistics provider for this episode of Running Wild featuring Mike Horn and Matt Pokora in the Samanala Wewa region. The area which is more than 10km away from human inhabitancy meant that the cast and crew had to trek with all their equipment. The film crew also camped in the great outdoors in close proximity to wild elephants and other animals. To ensure that the smooth operations of filming this episode, Eco Team put together a logistics crew of close to 75 members.

Speaking on this significant feat Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Eco Team Anurudhdha Bandara said, “Efficiency is of high importance in such situations as time and resources are very limited. Food and drinks had to be provided for the crew from a distance of more than 6km away, merely on foot and this is no easy task but Eco Team was equipped with the labour, facilities and equipment needed to complete this challenge. In creating an adventure programme watched by millions around the world, Eco Team had an adventure of our own making sure that the team truly experienced Sri Lanka.”

First broadcasted in the year 2014, featuring famous High School Musical movie star Zac Efron, ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ is a survival skills reality television series. It stars world renown British adventurer, ex SAS and French Foreign Ligonier Bear Grylls who is also known for his television series ‘Man vs. Wild.’ Throughout the many episodes of the show, ‘Running Wild’ has featured celebrities such as former US president Barack Obama, Titanic movie star Kate Winslet and award-winning actress Julia Roberts.

During their expedition, the episode’s host Mike Horn, the guest celebrity Matt Pokora and the crew consisting of over thirty members were all in Sri Lanka for the production of this episode. Mike Horn is also a world renown adventurer who was dubbed the ‘world’s greatest living man’ by the Telegraph UK, having circumnavigated and trekked around the world from pole to pole and even along the equator – Latitude Zero with no motorized transport. He has also circled the Arctic solo using a kayak, ski and his own feet, expedited the Amazon on his own and scaled mountains over 8,000 meters. The guest celebrity of the episode, Matt Pokora is a famous French singer and songwriter who has also taken up a number of acting roles. Together, they stepped out into the virgin forest of Samanala Wewa Nature Reserve which is located in between Belihuloya and Kaltota regions, mid-way through the dry and wet zone. The area is located in an untouched, remote area where wild elephant sightings are many which increased the risk for the two stars as well as the large production crew. However, all’s well that ended well.

Photo Copyrights : Guillaume Mirand

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