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We are not just taking about the beaches where you keep your feet up and gaze at the ocean sipping a cool beer… although we do appreciate the fact that you need to do that as well, what we are trying to do is to take you to particular beach locations for different reasons… It may be to learn Surfing or Kite Surfing… It may be to see Turtles who would come to the beach at night to lay eggs… The list of experiences is endless.

With 26.5% of its total land area declared protected, and a total of 26 national parks, which together cover an area of 5,734 km2 ,Sri Lanka has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife. Sri Lanka takes pride in its populations of wild leopards and its pods of whales and its shy solitary Sloth Bears, but we know where to find them and give you the experience. If you are Birder, our 33 Endemic species and 400+ resident and migratory birds will impress you. Sri Lanka is known for its very high level of endemism.

We own 2 brands of Tented Safari Camps, and have covered every park and nature reserve in a sustainable manner. Our unmatched team of guides have the knowledge and trustworthiness to show and share with you a wildlife experience of a lifetime.

If you are looking for something different to what everyone else does, you are in the right page. Scroll down the activity list and you are sure to find one or more activities / experiences where you would say “That’s where I wanna be!”…

Interestingly, you could be the only “tourist” there…

…and we want to keep it that way…

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