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Adams PeakWitness the sacred Adam's Peak by Air
Package No: FSP/011

Situated in the south west corner of the central mountain region "Sri Pada" Mountain is believed to hold the foot print of Lord Buddha which was left during his third visit to Sri Lanka at the summit of this sacred mountain hence it is called “Sripada”.

Fly to Adam's Peak and get the memorable experience.

Terms and Conditions

  • Tickets shall only be valid for the date, destination and passenger specified there on & all tickets are non- refundable.
  • Scenic basis flights could be arranged between 0730 Hrs and 1700Hrs upon weather conditions acceptable to the Pilot in Command & Subject to the availability of slots clearance.
  • Validity period is until 31tst December 2015.
  • Duration 90 minutes in a Luxury Helicopter / Fixed wing air craft.


Fly and experience Kandyan Kingdom
Package No: FSP/005

Looking for the best way to Kandy by air? Well we at Fly Sri Lanka guarantee to give you the best flight to Kandy.

Picked up from your hotel and taken to Ratmalana Airport where you will depart in the wee hours of the morning. The flight to Kandy is 11/2 hours over a varied and an always lovely terrain. Witness the lush green tea plantations, waterfalls, lakes, and rivers that make Sri Lanka the paradise it is.

The first stop being the Botanical Garden at Peradeniya, a few km’s away from Kandy. This spectacular garden holds an amazing range of endemic and foreign plants and trees.

Then taken to Kandy where you will visit the most sacred site for Buddhists in the world, the Temple of the Tooth Relic a house for a remnant of one of Lord Buddha’s Teeth.

As lunch and refreshments follow you are then greeted to a city tour. Enjoy the busy streets of Kandy, and some great shopping. Leave Kandy with your minds filled with memories and cameras filled of pictures of the beautiful city.

Flights, ground transport, food and refreshments and tickets are included in our price.

2020 04 24 2Schedule

  •  0630hrs  - Pickup from the hotel and transfer to Rathmalana air port
  • 0730hrs  - Departure from Rathmalana (over fly tea plantations)
  • 0900hrs  - Arrival to kandy and visit Botanical Gardens (2 hours)
  • 1100hrs  - Visit to Temple of the tooth 
  • 1230hrs  - Lunch and refresh at a hotel
  • 1330hrs  - City and shopping tour in kandy 
  • 1530hrs  - Snack break 
  • 1600hrs  - Departure from kandy to Rathmalana air port 
                     On arrival drop off to the hotel.

Paramotoring Bentota
Package No: FSP/003


Ever wanted to be able to fly well here’s your chance introducing Paramotoring the newest and latest development in ultra-light foot launched air sports  in Sri Lanka. This is an exhilarating yet simple way to aviate and is the easiest powered aircraftyou can learn to fly. Your flight can be extended for as long as your fuel may last. This is best on a mild weather day, where you can climb away from the ground to couple thousand feet, switch off your motor, and enjoy the glide. Flying over you are sure to be thrilled by the scenic landscapes and azure beaches in down south. With minimal training by aviation standards, you are able to enjoy the incredible experience of flying anytime the weather is calm with our experienced pilot.

Enjoy the lush landscapes of Bentota by air!!


Paramotoring is the newest and latest development in ultra-light foot-launched air sports in Sri Lanka. This is an exhilarating yet simple way to aviate and is also the most easily powered aircraft you can learn to fly. 

With a paramotor, the flight can be extended for as long as your fuel lasts! A paramotor is a fair-weather machine and flying in strong or gusty winds or other bad weather conditions is not recommended. 

On a mild weather day, you can step into flight, gain altitude and cover incredible distances with your paramotor. Climb away from the ground to a couple of thousand feet, switch the motor off and enjoy the glide you will experience the thrills of flying over scenic landscapes and azure beaches down south. 

With minimal training by aviation standards, you can enjoy the incredible experience of flying any time the weather is calm with our experienced pilots.

Please note:

  • It is advisable for customers who fear heights or have a phobia of heights not to fly.
  • Permitted for persons above 14 years of age only.
  • One flight is limited to 20 minutes.
  • Identification will be checked before flight and a liability disclaimer and indemnity for participation in paramotor discovery flights will have to be signed.
  • One passenger will be accompanied by the pilot/instructor in the paramotor tandem.
  • All pilots/instructors are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka.
  • Passengers are advised to wear casual clothing with closed sports shoes. No loose items that may get detached in flight will be permitted.
  • Flights will be made between 06:00 hours 09:00 hours and 16:00 hours 18:30 hours on standard flying days.

The mount of remembrance
Package No: FSP/004

An archaeological goldmine the Sigiriya Rock Fortress is most probably the best known site in Sri Lanka. Its mysteries yet to be deciphered and the amount of engineering and architectural knowhow needed to transform a granite monolith into a livable fortress, which also acted as a royal palace with paintings and the mirror wall being built by the paranoid king Kashyapa.

We provide a unique way to visit Sigiriya. You are picked up at your hotel and taken to Ratmalana Airport, where you will depart 2020 04 24 3for Sigiriya. The iconic monolith view will come into view from a great distance away and a magnificent view from above the fortress. Once at Sigiriya you will be able to climb all the way to the top.

After the visit to Sigiriya, lunch and refreshments will follow, and then you are treated to visit yet another ancient wonder the Golden Temple at Dambulla, one of the oldest cave temples in Sri Lanka.

A quick snack break follows, with good memories and a sense of awe about the ancient civilization you are taken back to Colombo.


  • 0630hrs  - Pickup from the hotel and transfer to Rathmalana airport
  • 0730hrs  - Departure from Rathmalana
  • 0830hrs  - Arrival to Sigiriya visit to Sigiriya rock (3 hours)
  • 1200hrs  - Lunch and refresh at a hotel
  • 1300hrs  - Dambulla city tour including the rock cave temple
  • 1530hrs  - Snack break
  • 1600hrs  - Departure from sigiriya to Rathmalana air port 
                      On arrival drop off to the hotel


Explore Sri Lanka by Air
Package No: FSP/002

Witness Sri Lanka’s extreme natural contrasts from new heights. Here be able to catch a glimpse of breathe taking view of Tea Plantations and be on time to enjoy the hilarious antics of the baby elephants by their human foster parents. Land in the city of Kandy to visit the Temple of the Tooth and arrive to Sigiriya to climb the Rock Fortress which was named as an UNESCO world heritage site. Then travel  by helicopter and glance over lush landscapes en-route to  Azure Coastline and famous landmarks as if you were a bird up high.

2020 04 24 1SCHEDULE 

  • 0615hrs  - Pick up from hotel within 20KM radius in Colombo.
  • 0730hrs  - Security check at the Ratmalana airport (Clients to bring passport/ID cards along with them)
  • 0800hrs  - Take off from Ratmalana airport to Pinnawela
  • 0840hrs  - Arrival at Pinnawela (you will be met by the Fly Sri Lanka representative for the tour to elephant orphanage)
  • 1030hrs  - Take off and arrive to Kandy (You will be met by the Fly Sri Lanka representative for the tour of Kandy)
                       ** every visitor should adhere to wearing clothes that cover the body and be below knee length ***
  • 1230hrs  - Take off and land in Sigiriya and met by the Fly Sri Lanka representative
                   - Lunch at the hotel
  • 1330hrs  - Leave for the visit to Sigiriya Rock Fortress (A site guide will accompany you during the tour)
  • 1530hrs  - Take off from Sigirya and arrive to Ratmalana airport.
                   - Transfer to the hotel.


  • Clients are requested to bring passport/Identity cards (for Sri Lankans) for the tour.
  • The package is subject to weather conditions at the origin, en-route or the destination.
  • Fly Sri Lanka, flight operations or the pilot reserves the right to advance the timings mentioned on the tour due to clause 2
  • Tour is designed to maximize the visits to places of interests and client is responsible to adhere to same. Such delays will be the responsibility of the clients and alteration to the tour is not the  responsibility of Fly Sri Lanka.
  • If the tour is abandoned due to the reasons on clause 2, Fly Srilanka will refund the unutilized flying minutes/hours at the discretion of Fly Srilanka.
  • Clients are requested to the dress code required for religious places mentioned in the package.
  • Fly Srilanka does not take responsibility for delays caused by traffic during ground transportation (by vehicle)
  • Full payment must be done for confirming the package.
  • In case the tour is cancelled as a whole (without taking off) an administrative cost of USD 200.00 will be deducted
  • In case the tour is cancelled voluntarily by the client :-
    Before 7 days  -  USD 200.00
    Before 5 days - 25% of the cost of package
    Within 48 hours - 100%

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