• Diving In Hikkaduwa

Diving In Hikkaduwa

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With its impressive coral reefs and abundance of tropical fish, HIKKADUWA is recognised as one of the best places for Snorkelling and diving on the Southwest coast (in the southwest season of November to April).  With a reputed and long-running diving school located in the town itself, PADI diving instructors are available throughout the season for training and certification as well as leading more experienced divers in some of the country's best ship wreck and reef dives.


enos - Agreek frelghter carrying Manganese after hitting "Rala Gala"

"BLACK CORAL POINT" One of the most gorgeous site to dive the beautiful corals of many and vivid colours are majestically stand along the coral reef. Fish of many varieties such as clown fish. Angel fish and Snappers and black corals can be seen. Traveling time-5minutes depth is 20 - 35 metes.

Alette Adrianna - sank in 1760s

"CORAL GARDEN CAVE" - Stone cave naturally underneath the water caves are created by boulders of the sea bed. The area is full of corals like flowers many varieties in a garden- The marine life contains many varieties offish including turtles. Traveling time 5 minutes depth 10-15 meters.

Alliance - 23m A wooden sail boat of British origin loaded with coat.

"GODAGALA" - The art of dive to this site is "deep Drift Dive". Site is full of marine life. Big tropical fish like moray eel, Snappers, Barracuda are often could be seen roaming around the area independently. Traveling time 20 minutes depth 08-30 meters.

Arcturus - 18m A british steam ship built in 1870 and was wrecked at Brown Rock close to Galle.

" HIKKAPDWA GALA" - In this site art of dive is deep rift dive- This area is covered with broad legendary Hikkaduwa Coral reef which is worldwide known for it's most sophisticated and colourful coral beds. Marine life and tropical water fish such as. Barracuda, snappers, blotched, lobsters, rays swim through emits the corals in crystal clear water. Traveling time is 15 minutes and depth is 02-21 meters.

Avondster - 5m owned by the Dutch East India (VOC) and was loaded with areca nuts when it sank after slipping anchor and hitting the shore.

"KAPAWARAGALA" This rock is named after the legendilc god kadawara who can influence the good as well as the evil to any one's life according to merits, or acts she or he may create. It is being said that god " Kadawara" sailed to Sri lanka in a stoned boat and landed near this rock. These are part of the legendric Hikkaduwa reef barrier and as in the other place full of corals and marine life. Traveling 20 minutes - depth - 6-15 meters.

Bottle Wreck - 24m

"KIRALA GALA" - Another beautiful site to dive. Site is endowed with lot of under water wanders of beautifully coloured corals of many varieties stands underneath the crystal clear water on the shallow reef. Tropical sea fish such as groupers, jack fish, snappers are roaming around the soft corals majestically. If you are lucky enough you may have the opportunity of encounter "Mantha-rays", "Whale Sharks & Dolphin". Traveling time-10 minutes- depth - 18-35 meters.

Crispigi Cross - 16m - was loaded with rice and paint when in sank opposite Galle hospital in the 80's.

"MAPAGALA" - A site where some of the wrecks of the ships could be seen. The area is surrounded by tropical fish and corals. A site worthwhile to watch for divers who love and like sea life. This is also an erea where some wonderful kind of marine creatures such as "Dolphin, big Groupers" could be seen- Traveling time 45 minutes depth is 20-28 meters.

Dolfijn - A VOC ship built in 1663 sank in the Galle Harbour due to poor condition.

"RALAGALA" - A wonderful site to dive. This is a point where waves breaks. A diver may felt just beneath the surface of the water. One who dive will gain some exciting experience. As usual around the area corals and marine life is common than the other area. Traveling time one hour depth 1-20 meters. There are wrecks and pieces of unknown ship are in the sea bed.

Hercules - sank in 1661 Discovered in 1993 by the weston Australian.

"RALAHAMY GALA" - This site is in the close proximity of the site No: 11. what could be seen in site eleven could be explore in details at "Ralahamy Gala". This area is full of marine life such as Octopus, Turtles, Lobsters and Ornamental fish in various varieties. Apart from this natural creation such as coral reefs and boulders can be seen underneath the water. Traveling time and me depth as site No: 11.

Lord Nelson - A modern boat that sank in a storme in 2000.

"SEENIGAMAGALA ROCK" - This site covered with beautifully coloured (by nature) corals. Which is fantastically shaped? Full of marine life, big fish such as "Barracuda" "Moray Eel" "Rays" etc. Underneath the water the corals of various colours can be seen in it's own splendor. Traveling time -10 minutes- diving depths - 12-22 Meters.

Maritime Museum. The wreak was discovered with the finding of a heavely encrusted bronze bell with the inscription "AMOR VINCIT OMANIAANNO 1625"

"S.S YORGAN" - Steams ship that sanked few decades ago. The wrecks of the ship can still be seen in the site as dark an gloom patches. Full of natural creations of marine life and tropical fish. A site a nature lower should dive and watch for its splendor and gorgeous gift of the nature. Traveling time 45 minutes. Depth is 9-15 meters.

Norsa - 15 m - A British Ship built in 1889

"SUNIL'S ROCK" - Sunil's rock located close to great Hikkaduwa coral reef, provide some natures wander by providing caves oriented in the sea bed with caves for divers. As nature has entrusted in this area a diver may sea "Lion Fish" "Coral fish" "Grouper", soft corals. A site worthwhile to dive. Traveling time 15 minutes depth 10-22 meters.

Orestes - 16m Abritish cargo ship carrying bricks.

"YAKA MUTTHAGALA" - 5m owned by the Dutch East India (VOC) and was loaded with areca nuts when it sank after slipping anchor and hitting the shore.

"WRECK OF RANGOON" - 30m - Built in 1863 by a british ship maker Rangoon rests in an upright sailing position. Wrecks of Rangoon another vessel that sanked few decades ago. Area is full marine life and naturally oriented corals. In the area a diver may come across naturally oriented corals and underneath sea beds. Any nature lower would dive for the second time if he has already dived. Traveling time 120 minutes- depth 20-35 meters.

"WRECK ETHOPHY" - "Ethophy" a cargo ship that sank in 1977. Two nieces of wrecks and the big engine of the vessel submerged around the site. This is one of the ship sank recently in the legacy of more than twenty centuries of marine trade and seafaring full of corals and marine life. Traveling time one hour depth 16-15 meters.

"WRECK OF SHlP EARL OF SHAFTSBURY" - Located in Hikkaduwa surrounds an English ship sanked in the year 1847 (one piece) a site worth of watching because of the historical value. The area is studded with beautiful corals grown over last few centuries. Full of tropical fish such as "rays" and "barracuda". Traveling time 15 minutes - depth - 15 meters.

"WRECK CONCH" - An oil tanker which sanked in 1903, (Acclaimed to be the world's first oil tanker). Apart from the wrecks of the ship the site is full of marine life and magnificent corals of the famous Hikkaduwa coral reef. Traveling time to site by boat 20 minutes. Diving depth 14.22 meters. Divers can swim in to the ship.

 Diving In Hikkaduwa

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