• Ibn Batuta Expedition
    Trip Length : 5 Nights - 6 Days
    Availability : Throughout the year

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The Legacy of Batuta

The travels of Ibn Batuta in Sri Lanka is a very famous historical record about ancient Sri Lanka. Ibn Battuta was a famous Arab traveler who visited Sri Lanka in 1344 AD and later recorded his journey in our island in his famous book called, ‘Al Rihla’ (The Travels). Adam’s Peak; believed by the Muslims to be the footprint of Adam, the first man, and prophet who the pilgrims believed thrown by God from seventh heaven where he stayed before seeing Eve, the first woman.

As soon as Ibn Battuta reached Ceylon, he met with the king. Taking an interest in his travel stories, the king entertained his group for 3 days. The ruler gave them the approval to scale Adam’s Peak and handed him a tiny purse filled with rubies and pearls as farewell gifts.

Their group started climbing til the summit up to almost vertical cliffs through little handholds held in the stone by iron pegs. When they reached the top, the group camped for 3 days and spent in prayer, admiring the breathtaking view.


Overview of the Programme

This trekking expedition is a level ‘hard’ adventure expedition that includes 5 full days of trekking on trails that are exclusive and unexposed. Some of the trails run through jungles enabling guests to feel the tranquility of nature. The trails of the first 3 days will lie on the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary and the trek on the final days lie amidst jungles bordering the northern part of the Udwalawe National Park.

Accommodation during the trekking adventure will be in a basic pop-up tent and all campsites will be located either in jungles of bordering the inhabitant areas with exposure to those communities enabling you to experience their typical everyday life which is sure to be an unforgettable experience for you. From the 2nd till the 4th day of your trekking adventure, you will have any vehicles transfers, thus pushing you to do your best.

As for survival techniques, you will have to use the same methods used by the inhabitants during the 4th day as that day’s trail likes in the remote jungles resulting in you having to look after yourselves by cooking your own meals, putting up your own tent, lighting up your own campfire to name a few. On the 6th and final day of your adventure, you will be offered a jeep safari to tour the Udawalawe National Park, which is also referred to as the Land of Elephants.

All our trekkers are highly experiences and possess the adequate skills to manage the entire trail.




Summary of the programme

  • Day 01 – Arrival at Hatton and trek to Castlereagh with a vehicle transfer to Dalhousie.

  • Day 02 – Trek from Dalhousie to Bogowantalawa and overnight camping.

  • Day 03 – Trek from Bogowantalawa to Ihalagalagama with overnight camping.

  • Day 04 – Trek from Ihala Galagama to Kumbalgama with overnight camping.

  • Day 05 – Trek from Kumbalgama to Kaltota via Ahaspokuna and vehicle transfer to Udawalawe for overnight camping.

  • Day 06 – Departure to your next destination.


Trekking Hatton Udawalawe


Detailed Itinerary


Important notes

  • Exclusive & unexposed camping locations will be provided in remote villages & jungles.

  • Accommodation in guest houses/campsites will be on double/twin sharing basis.

  • Double manned tents will be provided for accommodation for single occupancy.

  • No vehicle transport is involved from day 2 till day 5.

  • You will have portable toilets in the campsite on day 4.

  • The Accommodation on day 5 will be a participatory camping where the  guests will have to put up their own tents and prepare their own meals. The support staff will provide a ration pack for each guest and assist them to find firewood etc. to get things started.

  • The breakfast on day 6 will be served as a packed breakfast to be enjoyed on your way to the national park.


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